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Heyro World! This site is dedicated to all the cool things at Costco; my favorite place to be in the whole wide world. I hope you find the information here useful.

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La Michoacana Mangochelada Mango Chamoy

Mangochelada Mango Chamoy by La Michoacana are a summer seasonal item at Costco. Sure wished they were available year around cause they are absolutely delicious!!! They were around $10 for a case of 8. I finished off all 5 cases within 2 months. "Oink, oin...

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St. Louis Dry Rub Fully Cooked Ribs

I know that Costco's rotisserie chicken is a fan favorite but have you tried their St. Louis Dry Rub Fully Cooked Ribs? O.M.G! Talk about fall of the bone tender goodness. This entire tray was less than $18 @ $7.49 per lb, so you can't go wrong. It's deli...

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Real Good Foods Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Hey! It's been a while! Just wanted to share these delicious Real Good Foods Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken with you. I'm not usually a fan of chicken breasts (dark meat all the way baby!) but these were deliciously moist and flavorful. The trick is to bak...

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Ling Ling Potstickers

Next up on my camera roll is the Ling Ling Potstickers Chicken and Vegetable Dumplings and I'm most definitely giving these two thumbs up. I love authentic dumplings and usually get my fix from Din Tai Fung, an internationally known Taiwanese restaurant; b...

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The Original Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt

Now THIS is a cool Costco find! The Comfy Original Blanket Sweatshirt. They became super popular when they were showcased on the ABC Shark Tank TV Show. I got one for Christmas 2019. Costco only had the blanket sweatshirt in navy and grey at the time. Two...

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Thai Coconut Skillet Kit

I hate vegetables. So for all you veggies lovers out there, this sacrifice is for you. It was my first time seeing these Thai Coconut Skillet Kits from Taylor Farms, so I decided to give it a try. I believe it was $4.99 for the bag. I'd rather spend that...

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