The Original Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt 04/08/2020

The Original Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt

Posted on 04/08/2020

Now THIS is a cool Costco find!  The Comfy Original Blanket Sweatshirt. They became super popular when they were showcased on the ABC Shark Tank TV Show.  I got one for Christmas 2019. Costco only had the blanket sweatshirt in navy and grey at the time. Two for the price of one $39.95. Amazon had them in a variety of colors for $34.95 each, so this was a pretty sweet deal.  

These bad boys were flying off the shelves. The perfect white elephant gift that you won't have to worry about regifting the following year.


Here's yours truly modeling the grey hoodie. No autographs, please.